Courses and Prices

The Finnish Driving License Act for the B-class driving license come into effect on July 1, 2018. The new drivers will get the B-class driving license for only one stage. The training and advanced stages are removed from 1.7.2018. If you have the B-category license, but have not yet completed the training or advanced stages, then you need to attend only the Risk Identification Training course.

ATTENTION: We are willing to offer our driving lessons only in car, not in simulator. During the teaching experiences by years, we learn that it’s hard to teach new drivers for improving and reaching the safety level of driving skills by a simulator. There is missing real touch of pedals, the back feel of driving and real feeling of risk situations. In worst case, learning drivings by simulator will cause to inability of handling the real car. It means that you will need extra lessons driving in car! Please don’t save the money in a wrong way.

However, We offer the darkness education in simulator. The main purpose of it is to learn how to use the car lights while driving in dark, as well as to learn how to react in emergency situation etc.

Onni-Driver Mini-Onni package: 1190 €

Be a safe and smiley driver on the road! Welcome to Join us!

The course fee includes:

  • 4 virtual theory lessons available everyday (45 mins. per lesson )
  • 10 driving lessons in car (50 mins. per lesson)
  • Risk Identification training
    – 4 virtual theory lessons available everyday
    – 2 driving lessons for city and outside of city drivings
    – 1 driving lesson for darkness education in simulator
    – 1 driving lessons for slippery road in Paimio
  • Free using vehicle for the first driving test
  • Web-based materials, including e-book and theory exercises

The course fee does not includes:

  • A driving license permit fee by netbank 25 €
  • Theory test on iPad to be paid to Ajovarma 40€ (30 mins.), or with translator 107€ (60 mins.)
  • Driving test to be paid to Ajovarma 99 €
  • Slippery road training to be paid to Paimio 70 €

The total expenses: Mini-Onni package 1190 € + others 234 € = 1424 €

Onni-Driver extra packages and other services fees

Be a safe and smiley driver on the road! Welcome to join us!

Basic-Onni package: 1540 € + others 234 € = 1774 €
Based on Mini-Onni package, plus 5 extra driving lessons in car (70 euros per lesson)

Big-Onni package: 1840 € + others 234 € = 2074 €
Based on Mini-Onni package, plus 10 extra driving lessons in car (65 euros per lesson)

Onni-Driver other services and related fees:

  • Theory lesson 17 € (45 min. per lesson)
  • Driving lesson 77 € (50 min. per lesson)
  • Renting the car for the driving test 100 € (65 min.)
  • Driving lesson without cancellation, or cancellation less than 24 h. 50 € per lesson
  • Web-based theory exercises 15 €
  • Passport photos with code

The virtual theory lessons can be taken from Monday to Thursday between 14:00-21:00 . Apply for a course, Register Now!
Go Safe-Driving, Go Onni-Driver!
For more info, please call 044 540 1632 / Jiaxi, or you can leave your phone number in the contact form so we can call you back.

Feel free to leave a message if you have any question.