License change

License change

Be a safe and smiley driver on the road! Welcome to join us!

If you have the driving license in your own country, in most cases, you will need to change to the Finnish driving license. It depends on the issued country of the driving license (for details in Ajovarma.) Please book a doctor time for a health certification, and book an appoitment for the case of change license in When going Ajovarma, make sure you have all nessary documents with you, such as a health certification by doctor, the original driving license and the official translated version of the license, 40 euros, and valid ID-card with you. Ajovarma officers will help you to deal with the application. The decision can be made in a week or two weeks.

After the decision is made and driving permission is issued, you will need to consider to take driving practices in a foreign country. We highly recommend that you take a couple of driving lessons before driving independently or before going for the driving test. As a qualified driver, you need to be a safe, traffic sociability, and economical driver on the road.

Onni-Driver offers a money saving package one: 670 euros (normal price: 704 euros)

  • Renting a car to driving test (65 mins.)
  • 3 driving lessons in car (50 mins. per lesson)
  • Risk Identification Training in Paimio
    – 2 driving lessons in car (50 mins. per lesson)
    – Darkness education in simulator
    – 4 theory lessons in class

Onni-Driver offers a money saving package two: 999 euros (normal price: 1089 euros)

  • Package one + 5 extra driving lessons in car

The package does not includes:

  • A driving license permit fee to be paid to Ajovarma 40 €
  • Theory test on iPad to be paid to Ajovarma 40 € (30 mins.), or with translator 107 € (60 mins.)
  • Driving test to be paid to Ajovarma 99 €
  • Slippery road training to be paid to Paimio 70 €
  • Doctor certificate 50 €

Please book your time with our traffic instructor at Onni-Driver driving school in Turku. We will guide you for the further information and help you to change the Finnish driving license.

For Chinese students who need to change their driving license, please 有中国驾照的请点击换照简介 click here to apply.

For more info, please call 044 540 1632 / Jiaxi.

Be a safe and smiley driver on the road!
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Welcome to join us!

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