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Be a safe and smiley driver on the road! Welcome to join us!

Onni-Driver is a Turku-based international driving school. We have excellent instructors who can teach driving lessons in different languages, including Finnish, English and  Chinese. Our aim is to make the students enjoy their learning experiences. We wish that YOU will be a safe and smiley driver on the road! Even though we are a small team, we have built our strengths over many years of practice. The secret of our strengths is to keep our students happy, encouraged, and satisfied.

Welcome to join us at Onni-Driver international driving school in Turku, Finland!

Go Safe-Driving, Go Onni-Driver!

Why choose us?


We have been running our driving school since 2009. We are the first international driving school in Turku and have had students from more than 90 different countries. We understand the needs of international students and we can effectively guide them to achieve their goals.

Experienced Instructors

Our instructors are open-minded and experienced in teaching. We usually plan different learning programs according to our students’ varying backgrounds. We know what are the strengths and weaknesses of various student groups and how to improve their driving skills.

Quality at the Best Price

You can get the best price in Finland without compromising quality teaching, easy learning, and enjoyable experience. Not only we want you to know how to drive and to pass the driving test, but also we want you to be a safe and smiley driver on the road. Enjoy your driving with us at Onni-Driver driving school in Turku.

B-class driving license

The structure of the B-class course

– 4 theory courses for the new drivers
– Theory test
– 10 driving lessons
– Risk Identification training course
– Driving test
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Terms of Payment

How can I pay the course fee?

You can pay the course fees flexibly
– either via bank transfer or in cash,
– and with 1-3 installments within 3 months,
– or within max. 24 months with interest.

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More Info

What do I need for the first visit?

Please take your personal ID card with you at your first visit. We will help you to apply for the driving permission in Finland. We can offer you a coupon for a discounted passport photo taking (only 9,90 euros). In July 1, 2018, no need the physical examination from the doctor.

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Students' experiences at Onni-Driver driving school

Nothing makes us happier than seeing the smile on our student’s face. Here is what our students have to say about us!

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Our Team

Who will be your instructor?

Feel free to contact us. You can call us. Or you can leave your phone number in the contact form so we can call you back.

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Driving an automatic or manual car?

Choose a manual or automatic car? You do not need to make a decision before start a theory lesson. Your talent will tell you.

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Latest News

What's happening at Onni-Driver driving school?

– Onni-Driver driving school is first and original international driving school in Turku. Go Safe-Driving, Go Onni-Driver!!!
– We have upgraded our vehicles and simulators according to the regulatory requirements. Onni-Driver driving school is the right selection for you!


at Onni-Driver driving school in Turku

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