Our Team

at Onni-Driver driving school in Turku

Onni-Driver is a Turku-based international driving school. We have excellent instructors who can teach driving lessons in different languages, including Finnish, English, Chinese, Albanian, and Croatian. Our aim is to make the students enjoy their learning experiences. Our instructors have very friendly, peaceful, and relaxed teaching style. We try to make our students learn driving skills without stresses. In fact, we want to become the friends of our students. However, we faithfully follow the traffic regulations and make our students respect all the traffic rules and regulations as well.

Even though we are a small team, we have built our strengths over many years of practice. The secret of our strengths is to keep our students happy, encouraged, and satisfied.

Jyrki, the owner of the company, has 20+ years of experience in teaching. His students are from all over the world with varying culture backgrounds. He can teach in both Finnish and English. Many students have made such a comment “Jyrki, you are not a Finnish”. If you have any problem regarding driving, Jyrki surely could find a solution for you.

Jiaxi, started her instructing career since Sep. 2015. She is specialized with the students from Asia, and is available for the students who prefer to have a lady teacher. As the company secretary, she will answer all your inquiries regarding the course info, payment issues, and administrative procedures. She can speak fluently Finnish, English, and Chinese.

Eset, joined our team since 2014. He used to be a bus driver in Finland for the past 18 years. He surely has a lot of driving experience to share with the students. He can teach in Finnish, English, Albanian, and Croatian.

We have also two freelance instructors, Erja and Janne, they are ready to help our students whenever necessary.

At Onni-Driver driving school, you will be a safe and smiley driver on the road. Welcome to join us!

Our Instructors

at Onni-Driver driving school in Turku

Jyrki Juslin

Language: Finnish and English
Tel: 044 540 1639

Eset Feka

Language: Finnish, English, Albanian, Croatian
Tel: 044 204 2423

Jiaxi Tan-Juslin

Instructor & Secretary
Language: Finnish, English, Chinese
Tel: 044 540 1632

Feel free to leave a message if you have any question.