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Common Questions

How to apply for the driving school?
We are Onni Driver, the international driving school based in Turku, Finland. Please call us or use this form to book your time for the first time. Welcome to join us!

Onni Driver driving school in Turku, Finland
Tel: 044 540 1632
Address: Yliopistonkatu 13 a 2nd floor, 20100 Turku

Can I have a free trial ?

Onni Driver driving school in Turku, Finland
Tel: 044 540 1632
Address: Yliopistonkatu 13 a 2nd floor, 20100 Turku

How to get a driving license ( B-class)?
In Finland, getting the B-class driving license includes only one phase. It includes 8 theory lessons in internet, 13 live driving lessons and darkness education in simulator. You need to pass the theory test before the driving test.
How long does it take to get a driving license (B-class)?
Normally, It usually takes 2-3 months for getting the drivers’ license. However, it depends entirely on YOU. In a special case, for example, the student has driving skill but need to get quick license, the Onni Driver driving school will meet the customer demand and try to deliver the fast service. Our record is less than one month. Additionally, all payments have to be paid off before the driving test.
When and where can I start a driving lesson?
It’s possible start driving lessons at once! The Onni Driver driving school aims at delivering our best services to You, which means the teacher reserves each driving lesson according to your time schedule. Driving lessons can be also started anyplace in your home, workplace or in front of the Onni Driver driving school.
When can I take the theory test?
Bear in mind you need to do two things before booking the theory test (Ajovarma Oy Turku: 075 3239999). Firstly, the certification from the driving school is received when first 4 theory lessons (EAS 1-4) are completed. Secondly, the driving license permit application is submitted to the Ajovarma office.
What language can be used in the theory and driving tests?
The theory and driving exams can be taken in Finnish, Swedish and English. The theory test is taken on a computer at Ajovarma office. If your language skill is not good enough to take the exams, you are allowed to invite a translator with you during the examination time. To book the theory exam without time limit (60mins.), if translator also needed, costs 107 euros, and to book the exam with time limit (30mins.) in all three languages costs 40 euros.
How long the theory test is valid? When shall I take the driving test?
You are allowed to take driving test only after passing the theory exam. You had to do RTK 1-4 theory lessons before your driving test. The theory exam is valid for 1 year.
What do I need to do if I have a foreign driving license granted in some other country than Finland?
It means that you need to change to the Finnish (EU-) driving license. The best way is to visit Ajovarma office in person. Remember to take your passport and the original driving license with you. Read more about the Foreign driving license.

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