• Guo Huiling, China

    Guo Huiling, China

    Thanks for your conscientious and good guidance! Actually I was nervous and afraid about how to drive the car, but you made a great job let me get the driving license in such a short time! You are a good coach! I would like to give you perfect score!

  • Enoch Qin, China

    Enoch Qin, China

    When I plan to obtain a driver’s license I was 33 years old. So I was worried that my reaction is not fast. With my concern I found Onni Driver, it’s called Ajo-opet Turku then.
    My time learning with Jyrki was brilliant. He is a polite, friendly, patient and professional instructor. My problem is I easily feel nervous when I were behind the steering wheel.
    He quickly caught my weaknesses and specially planned exercise on difficult situations for me. His techniques absolutely improved my confidence. When myself believe I am ready for the test, I did great on test day. I highly recommend Onni Driver to both family and friends.

  • Haad Mahamed Ali, Somalia

    Haad Mahamed Ali, Somalia

    I feel this school is quality school. I was study here, the teachers have enough experience and I send my son to this school. Darkness driving in simulator is fun.

  • Du Peng, Beijing China

    Du Peng, Beijing China

    The advanced course was really an adventure, fruitful and exciting. Learned from Jiaxi Pretty much tricks to save fuel consumption. Such as lower gear position is much more efficient than gear in neutral position when you want to slow down. Then there are too much to talk about Jyrki’s lesson. We were talking about emergency aid, animal threat and how to get more safety on road. The coolest part for sure was driving on ice. Everybody were drifting like F1 driver. While the most important thing is you learned somehow how to control your car on ice. Which is damn impartant in this cold country…

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